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Watering Restrictions for Austin

As of September 4th, 2012, Stage 2 watering restrictions were re-implemented (they were instituted earlier in this year as well). There were a few changes to the “rules,” so I thought it was worth repeating them here for our neighborhood.

Here’s a graphic that is suppose to summarize the rules though I think it could be vastly improved. State 2 Water Restrictions graphic of the "rules"

If you have an automatic sprinkler system, then you water your yard between 12am-5am or 7pm to 11:59 pm either:

  • on Wednesday (Odd Addresses)
  • on Thursday (Even Addresses).

If you water by with a sprinkler on the end of a hose, then you water your yard either on Saturday or Sunday between 12am-10am or from 7pm-11:59p. While evaporation will occur more between 7-10am, this allows people to not have to get up at 3am to water their yard!

See above if you need the rules for public schools or commercial/multifamily addresses.

The following watering is exempt from rules and can occur at any time:

  • Watering with handheld bucket or hose (do anytime)
  • Drip irrigation (do anytime)
  • Soaker hoses under drip line of tree canopy / tree bubblers (do anytime)

Prohibited Actions:

  • Washing your car at home (you must go to a commercial carwash facility)
  • Charity car washes
  • Fountains with fall or spray greater than 4″ (unless necessary to preserve aquatic life)
  • Serving water to restaurant customers unless requested
  • Commercial properties using misters between 12am-4pm.

You may call in violations to 3-1-1. However, if it is your neighbor, why don’t you just go over and explain the new rules to them – they probably didn’t hear about it.

For more information, see the City of Austin’s Water site.



Drought survival tools …free from City of Austin

The City of Austin has several tools available for free or check-out (from the library) to help you with managing your water use. These tools include:

If you want to learn more about these tools, there’s an event this weekend.

Check-out a Hose Meter and Learn About Other Drought Survival Tools РVisit Austin Public Library’s Windsor Park Branch on Saturday, August 25th from 2:00 to 4:00 pm to check-out a hose meter and learn about other drought survival tools offered by Austin Water. Austin Water representatives will be handing out free soil moisture meters, Treegator irrigation bags, and other tools to help you save water in your household.

Free Soil Moisture Gauge

The City of Austin is giving away soil moisture gauges to help you know how much you’ve watered and when you should water. Here’s where you can pick one up for free:

Pick up your meter between 8am and 4:30pm, Monday through Friday, at 625 E. 10th Street, or call 974-2199 for more information. One per customer, mailing and delivery not currently available.

How To Water a Tree (and know it has enough drink)

I found this video on tree watering tips to be very helpful, and I think I’ve been underwatering! Treat your trees and plants nicely – they are worth a lot of $! All you need is a screwdriver to figure it out.

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