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Garden Resources Page Updated

Since the City of Austin changed their entire website, most of the links off of my Garden Resources page led to 404 cannot find pages. I have updated all the links now, so it will help you find the information you need more quickly.

$500-$1000: Youth Garden Grants due Nov 28th, 2011

Do you know a school or youth-oriented group who needs $500-$1000 to establish a garden? If so, here’s information on a grant – your application is due by November 28th, 2011. There will be 100 awards, and you’ll find out by March 1, 2012. Plan ahead!

The full information and application is at the 2012 Youth Garden Grants website.

Schools, youth groups, community centers, camps, clubs, treatment facilities, and inter-generational groups in the U.S. are eligible to apply. Applicants must plan to garden with at least fifteen children between the ages of 3 and 18. Previous Youth Garden Grant winners who wish to reapply may do so, but must wait one year (e.g., groups that won in 2011 may apply again in 2013) and have significantly expanded their garden programs.

In evaluating grant applications, priority will be given to programs that emphasize educational focus or curricular/program integration, nutrition or plant-to-food connections, environmental awareness/education, entrepreneurship, and social aspects of gardening such as leadership development, team building, community support, and service-learning.

Good luck, and I hope some Austin organizations win.

Share your successes with the neighborhood

I’ve been walking the neighborhood as I do everyday, and I’m seeing some fabulous gardens. Some have just been established this year – others have been with us for years. If you’d like to share a little bit about your gardening accomplishments, I would love to post a few pictures and your story on this website. Please send me pictures and your story to zilkergardens@gmail.com. It doesn’t have to be a long history or anything – even just a picture of your most prized plant and how you’ve nurtured it, would be most appreciated. Share your wealth of knowledge with others.

If you’d rather write about gardening more regularly, consider being a co-writer for this blog. Let me know, and I can set you up to write about your own garden ideas right on this blog (and I’ll teach you how to do it, if you are worried about it.)

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