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TX Bluebonnet wildflower ‘hell’ strip beauty

Remember that we removed 5 agaves along the street and replaced it with a wildflower seed mix? See it here: https://zilkergardens.wordpress.com/2011/11/09/plant-some-wildflowers-theres-still-time/

This year, it’s bluebonnet heaven. Take a look!


Guess what is emerging in the garden?

Picture of wildflower seedlings

Yep, the wildflowers are coming up! After the deluge of rain last weekend plus some more manageable heat, these wildflowers are busing through the mulch. So excited for fall!

Beauty of Native Wildflowers, Trees, and Wildlife

Here’s an array of beautiful flowers from native plants that I planted in Fall 2010 or last summer 2011 despite the heat. Click on any picture and you’ll be taken to a slideshow with large images. You’ll see: prairie verbena (light purple, grown from seed planted a few months ago), Orchid Tree in bloom (white, planted last summer), winecup (purple, planted last summer), Mexican poppy (orange, wildflower mix planted from seed in fall 2010), emerging sunflower (planted last summer from seed), Indian Blanket (orange/red/yellow, planted from seed in fall 2010), and some red and blue wildflowers I have yet to identify. There’s also a Red Admiral (Vanessa Atalanta) butterfly which was hanging out on our red bud tree in bloom.

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