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Ready-made Garden Designs

Several City of Austin agencies collaborated on a series of native and xeric landscape designs. They have just released a new one, the creekside design (PDF download).

These designs are listed in my Garden Resources page on this website, but since they released a new design, I felt it was worth advertising them directly. I love to look at these because they provide ideas for plants that are specific to the specific land-type, such as the creekside. The creekside assembles plants and trees for a sun/part-shade land area that has some slope down to a creekbed. They suggest some native oaks like the chinquapin and live oak. Shrubs like Eve’s Necklace and Chili Penquin (edible, too) and some ornamental grasses like Inland Sea Oats and Eastern Gama Grass.

There are 10 landscape designs currently available. These include:

If you live in Austin (as most of you do if you are reading this), you can also order printed landscape design booklets at this website. Don’t be overwhelmed by these – look at them and find what you like and just emulate those parts in your landscape. Do a little bit at a time.

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