Zilker Neighborhood Gardens

Commentary by a National Wildlife Steward who helps Zilker neighbors establish native plant gardens

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Share your successes with the neighborhood

I’ve been walking the neighborhood as I do everyday, and I’m seeing some fabulous gardens. Some have just been established this year – others have been with us for years. If you’d like to share a little bit about your gardening accomplishments, I would love to post a few pictures and your story on this website. Please send me pictures and your story to zilkergardens@gmail.com. It doesn’t have to be a long history or anything – even just a picture of your most prized plant and how you’ve nurtured it, would be most appreciated. Share your wealth of knowledge with others.

If you’d rather write about gardening more regularly, consider being a co-writer for this blog. Let me know, and I can set you up to write about your own garden ideas right on this blog (and I’ll teach you how to do it, if you are worried about it.)

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