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Thank you Hill Abell (Bicycle Sport Shop) for clearing brush on Kinney hill

Do you ever walk down the “Kinney hill” – the hill just south of Barton Springs Road? If so, you know that the sidewalk is overrun with bamboo and other bushes that reduce the sidewalk to the size of about one-person-wide (certainly not wide enough for a wheelchair!). When I walk one dog, either the dog or I need to go in the street. When I walk 2 dogs, I just give up and the three of us all walk in the street. In fact, I called 311 LAST YEAR in September 2010 to ask the city to clear it. The city called me back and said they had little money and would do it “later.” They never did do it.

Well, this morning at about 8 am on my way back up the hill after a 4-mile run, there’s Hill Abell, owner of Bicycle Sport Shop who also lives in the Zilker neighborhood, with a few orange cones, his truck, and some tools. He was clearing out the bamboo. So, as you walk up the hill with new-found elbow room, thank Hill!

I have to admit I felt a little guilty that I had not taken the initiative to do it myself. Just a few days ago, I was thinking about doing the same thing. However, I was thinking I would cut it down and just leave all the brush in the street and call 311 to pick it up because I wasn’t sure what else to do with it all. I’m not sure what Hill was planning, but he was collecting the brush in his truck to haul away. But when it comes down to it, I did not do it, but Hill took that initiative.

THANKS for helping improve our neighborhood, Hill.

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