Zilker Neighborhood Gardens

Commentary by a National Wildlife Steward who helps Zilker neighbors establish native plant gardens

Garden wildlife

Since I’ve installed the three new gardens in the front, we’ve seen a huge increase in wildlife visitors to our yard. Mostly, we have birds, bees, and butterflies. Adding a birdbath increased traffic earlier in the summer. We’d sit outside and watch the show as the birds played in the water and quenched their thirst. Lately, in the new garden I see a lot of bees on the sages. I’m hoping to eventually see some hummingbirds in the Firebush but haven’t yet. Earlier this summer, I saw the butterfly show. We had a lot of caterpillars eating up the butterfly weed (milkweed). Providing that food allowed us to see a plethora of butterflies later on in the season. Here’s a few we’ve seen.

I have applied for recognition as a National Wildlife Habitat through the City of Austin for FREE! Your garden (of any size) must (a) provide food, (b) provide water, (c) create cover, and (c) provide wildlife a place to raise young.

Caterpillars on the milkweed

Black Swallowtail on the milkweed (above, center bottom)


Queen on butterfly weed (above)

Another butterfly

Common Buckeye on Blackfoot Daisy (above, center – brown)


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