Zilker Neighborhood Gardens

Commentary by a National Wildlife Steward who helps Zilker neighbors establish native plant gardens

Need free help creating a garden?

Just a quick reminder that I’m delighted to help anyone in the Zilker neighborhood out with their gardening woes or plans. Don’t know what to do with your weedy front or back yard? Want another set of eyes and ears and nose to give you a perspective? Want help planning a new landscape? I can help with all of these projects. Our work as volunteers is to assist others about wildlife-friendly habitats so that more wildlife can be supported within the world. Gardening is a process so you can always start small or big. I started with my front yard, but can admit that my backyard needs some major work! But with limited time, I can only do so much…so the backyard will have to wait. But it’s great to start somewhere … you can even start by planning out a patio or deck garden made up of potted plants!

It’s fall and this is THE best time to plant a new garden. Your plants get the winter to establish themselves before the heat of summer.

If you’d like any assistance, just email me (email is within the About link at top of the blog).

And check out the information on the National Wildlife Federation’s website: Create a Certified Wildlife Habitat


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